Canberra Mothercraft Society,

Coming to QEII

The facilities are lovely and the support staff are amazing angels – we have been fed, watered and cleaned better than in a five star hotel.

– Sarah and Robert


Preparing for your stay

Once your referral has been processed, we will send you an information pack that includes:

  • forms to complete and other information about your admission
  • medical assessments for you and your child that must be completed by your GP
  • general information about us
  • your admission date and time.

I really enjoyed the morning group activities, and meal times were the best fun.

– Kellyanne

You will be asked to phone us  to:

  • confirm your admission date and time
  • schedule your pre-admission interview.

If you or your child is unwell before admission, please phone us  to arrange an alternate admission date.

The facilities are lovely, clean and modern.

– Angelique

When you are admitted to QEII you are admitted to a hospital. Do not, therefore, make outside appointments during your stay.


We supply:

  • cloth nappies
  • washing machine, detergent and dryer for your use
  • food for you and your child
  • bottle steriliser bags (if you do not have a microwave steam steriliser).

You need to bring:

  • your private health fund card
  • Medicare card
  • completedmedical assessments (you cannot be admitted without these)
  • baby’s personal health record (blue book)
  • clothes for baby (including bibs, wraps and sleeping bags)
  • clothes for yourself (including a dressing gown in deference to staff and other families)
  • soap and other toiletries
  • medications and creams used for your baby or yourself
  • pram or stroller
  • disposable nappies if you choose to use them
  • if you are bottle feeding
  • bottle brush
  • teats
  • microwave steam steriliser if you have one—please do not bring an electric one.

Don’t bring valuables or large sums of cash as CMS can’t take responsibility for your family’s belongings.

What to expect

Our residential program is for four nights. Unless circumstances indicate otherwise, you can expect to be discharged on the fifth day. Evidence shows that clients who stay for the full length of stay are significantly more likely to achieve their short and long-term goals.

The care of your baby remains your responsibility, with the support of our team, while you stay with us. You’re also responsible for caring for your other children if they’re staying as boarders.

Our staff will develop a Plan of Care with you and help develop the goals you want to reach while with us and when you go home.

Each morning, you are expected to participate in the group education session. Your support person is also encouraged to attend.

In the interest of child safety and falls prevention families are advised that all admitted children, regardless of age, who are able to stand will have a falls risk assessment upon admission to QEII.  If on assessment a child is deemed too tall to remain safely in a cot, they will be required to sleep in a specialised trundle bed with a protective side to prevent falling out of the bed.

Primary carers


The same adult must be constantly in residence with your child throughout admission to gain maximum benefit. While on most occasions this will be a parent, QEII staff will work with whoever is nominated as the primary carer or carers. We don’t discriminate in relation to sex, age, religion, race or relationship.

I have really enjoyed my stay at QEII. I feel well rested, well fed and confident that I can continue meeting my goals at home.


If you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident and elect to be admitted as a public patient there are no fees.

If you elect to be admitted as a private patient, we waive any gap payment prescribed by your insurer.

Uninsured diplomatic corps and non-residents: $2,051 per day (as at 1 July 2017)

Boarding fees for support persons and siblings who stay with you at QEII:

Bed and breakfast $35 per night (1 person)
$45 per night (2 people)


Payment options

Cash, cheque, EFTPOS, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

The staff are helpful, friendly and genuinely caring. They have a great amount of knowledge and are very willing to share it.

– Saskia

Allergies and intolerances

Please advise if you (or anyone else staying with you) have any diagnosed allergies or intolerances.


If you or your child becomes unwell during your stay, you will be discharged. Re-admission at a later date may be arranged.


QEII Family Centre is a drug and alcohol-free health facility. Smoking is not allowed inside or outside our premises.


Free off-street parking is available.


Carers of young siblings are encouraged to bring them to visit their parent at a time that best suits the child. Support persons and children are welcome to visit at any time until 8 pm. All other visitors are welcome between 2.30 pm and 5 pm.


We listen and respond to your needs. We welcome your feedback—complaints, compliments and suggestions—and use it to improve our service.

You will be given a feedback form during your stay to complete at your convenience.

Translating and interpreting service

We can arrange an interpreter for you if needed during your stay.  Fees for this service are covered by us as part of your admission.


131 450
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Helping families thrive

We wish to acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which CMS and its services at QEII are located, and their Elders past and present.