Canberra Mothercraft Society,

Commitment statement

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At the Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre (QEII), together with our governing body the Canberra Mothercraft Society (CMS), we strive to always provide care that is safe and effective. We aim to provide our clients with services that are consistently recognised as best primary health care practice in meeting the postnatal and early childhood needs of families.

The key features of quality and safety of care at QEII are that:

  • the consumer is the primary focus – Client Centred Care;
  • there is active support for safety and quality across the whole of QEII;
  • we are committed to involving all levels of staff in safety and quality;
  • staff provide care that is effective and appropriate in that it fits with each families own values; and
  • CMS at QEII is committed to the provision of adequate resources and continuous improvement so as to have safer and higher quality client care.

QEII has an integrated approach to governance, risk management and continuous quality improvement. We are guided by the National Quality & Health Standards. Demonstration of our commitment can be found in: the organisation’s policies and procedures; the committees responsible for reviewing quality and safety issues; key performance indicators; and in the regular monitoring of data.

We monitor four areas of performance:

  • Consumer Participation (involving our clients and carers in their care) ;
  • Clinical Risk Management (making sure our services are safe by minimising risk of error);
  • Clinical Effectiveness (making sure that the clinical services we provide are effective); and
  • Effective Workforce (making sure our staff are competent and up-to-date).

QEII engages with consumers across the organisation. We:

  • respect client rights and involve clients in their care
  • embed the principles of partnership and collaborative relationship between clients, family, carers and their healthcare providers in both the primary health model of care and the C-Frame platform for the delivery of care;
  • encourage and support participation in decision making by clients, consumers, carers and families;
  • have consumer representation on committees and projects.
  • conduct consumer focus groups;
  • undertake a post discharge survey; and
  • QEII is governed by a community board and its values and mission reflect that it is committed to client centred care.

QEII listens and responds to the needs of clients and staff. We welcome client feedback – we don’t know how our service is experienced without feedback. Listening to consumers tells us this. We learn how to improve our service. We learn what is important to consumers and what they want and need from QEII.

At QEII we believe that an enjoyable workplace attracts, and retains high calibre staff, which translates into engaged, passionate and innovative people who are motivated to excel in the work they do for our clients. We work hard to attract, develop and retain very talented people to deliver excellence in the services and solutions we provide. QEII’s commitment to ensuring that clients receive safe and high quality services is reflected in our approach to:

  • creating safe environments and systems of work for our staff;
  • assisting our healthcare professionals to monitor the safety and quality of care they provide; and
  • ensuring accountability for the safety and quality of care at all levels of our organisation.

QEII endeavours at all times to meet its governance responsibilities by demonstrating strong strategic leadership in safety and quality, supporting QEII staff in their efforts to provide safe, high quality care, and monitoring and responding to the performance evaluation.


Focusing on families with young children

We wish to acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which CMS and its service are located, and their Elders past and present.