Pepi-Pods: co-sleeping at QEII

In April 217, QEII introduced Pepi-Pods to all rooms, in response to a growing number of parents wanting to co-sleep with their baby.

Developed in New Zealand as a public health response for babies at a higher risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI), a Pepi-Pod® sleep space is a protected place for babies to sleep when they are in, or on, an adult bed, in a makeshift setting, or away from home. ‘Pepi’ means ‘baby’ in Maori and a ‘pod’ is a symbol of protection in nature.

“Research shows that sharing a sleep surface with a baby can increase the risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy, including sudden infant death syndrome and fatal sleep accidents. A Pepi-pod provides the baby with its own safe sleep space within the parents’ bed, allowing families to enjoy the benefits of co-sleeping,” said Mary Kirk, Director of Nursing/Executive Officer at QEII.

The sleep space has been designed from a baby’s point of view, to align with developmental needs for closeness, connection, regulation and safety. Features include:

  • Windows to enable babies to open their eyes to familiar faces and places, and parents to see in easily when lying next to their babies.
  • Ventilation slits cradle the harakeke (flax) symbol and help with moving exhaled gases away from a baby’s face.
  • Marks in each side of the pod show where adult pillows should be so that adult bedding does not also cover the baby.
  • Portability allows parents to have their babies close by when they change their own location
  • Low sides make it easy to settle babies and offer comfort and reassurance, with loving touch. Low sides do introduce a potential fall hazard and safety information stresses the essential nature of safe placement of the pod.
  • Size accommodates growing babies throughout the first five months of life, a period of developmental vulnerability
  • Materials of the Pepi-Pod, mattress and bedding are stable, non-toxic and custom designed

With funding from the Australian Governemnt, Red Nose has begun introducing Pepi-Pods into WA’s Kimberley region the aim of reducing the number of Indigenous babies dying from sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI).

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