Canberra Mothercraft Society,


Notice is hereby given that the 94th Annual General Meeting of the

Canberra Mothercraft Society Inc will be held on

Wednesday, 21st October 2020

In the rooms of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons,

 Unit 31, 2 King St, Deakin

commencing at 5:30 pm

RSVP by 14-10-20 to

PO Box 126 Curtin ACT 2605 OR 0466 114 897

(critical to ensure we meet COVID-19 restrictions)



To consider, and if thought fit, to pass the following resolution as a Special Resolution regarding rule 12.6 A member of the board may only hold the same office for a maximum of 3 consecutive years.

That the Constitution of the Canberra Mothercraft Society Inc be amended as follows:

In subrule 12.6 insert the words ‘other than the president’ after ‘the board’.

After subrule 12.6 add a new sub rule:

12.7 The president may only hold the office of president for a maximum of 4 consecutive years.



  1. To receive, consider and adopt the reports and audited accounts of the Society for the year ended 30 June 2020
  2. To elect the President and 10 Board Members of the Society for the coming year
  3. To appoint the Auditor of the Society for the coming year
  4. To transact any other business that may be lawfully brought forward.

We wish to acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which CMS and its service are located, and their Elders past and present.