Right Birth, Your Choice

We are pleased to present Right Birth, Your Choice, a video which informs women on the options available for a safe pregnancy, birth and transition to motherhood.

The decisions that have the greatest impact on birth outcomes are where a woman chooses to give birth and who will provide her maternity care.  Making the right choice is the first step toward a healthy and happy start for both mother and baby.

The video was produced by Maternal Health Matters, in partnership by the Canberra Mothercraft Society, with the aim of raising awareness in the community. We want all women to receive appropriate and respectful maternity care.

To complement the video, Maternal Health Matters has developed the Maternal Health Toolbox.  The toolbox explores:

  • What are the elements of maternity care?
  • Who provides maternity care in Australia? Your health professional options.
  • Choosing your health professional.
  • Where to give birth to your baby — your choices.
  • The Pregnancy Care Checklist — Australia.

For more information on the Right Birth, Your Choice video or Maternal Health Toolbox, please contact Maternal Health Matters on info@maternalhealthmatters.org.au.