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Right Birth, Your Choice

We are pleased to present Right Birth, Your Choice, a video which informs women on the options available for a safe pregnancy, birth and transition to motherhood. The decisions that have the greatest impact on birth outcomes are where a woman chooses to give birth and who will provide her maternity care.  Making the right choice is the first step toward […]

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Why ‘bold and brave’ action is needed to support ACT mothers

By Suzanne Packer AM The history of childbirth is a challenging and often confronting one, with infant and maternal deaths occurring regularly until mid-20th-century in Australia. This is in our living memory still. As a result, Australians have come to accept hospitals as the appropriate and safe place to give birth and, because of this, […]

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Sleep and settling at QEII

Many families come to QEII seeking support with sleep and settling issues. We know that sleep is important for babies to grow and develop just as it is important too for those parenting them! There is a lot of information on sleep and settling available and sometimes it can be overwhelming knowing which way to […]

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Relaxing into parenting: looking beyond the birth

Pregnant women have access to a range of antenatal care to support them through pregnancy, and there are a wide variety of classes available to prepare expecting parents for the birth, from hospital provided programs through to private calm birth classes and active birthing workshops. But what about beyond the birth? Preparing expectant parents for […]

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The donor human milk dilemma

Over the past year at QEII, we have noticed an increase of interest by our clients in the use of donor breast milk. An increasing trend is informal breast milk sharing where families post a request on social media sites. At the Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre (QEII), we believe families need to be fully […]

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Pepi-Pods: co-sleeping at QEII

In April 217, QEII introduced Pepi-Pods to all rooms, in response to a growing number of parents wanting to co-sleep with their baby. Developed in New Zealand as a public health response for babies at a higher risk of sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI), a Pepi-Pod® sleep space is a protected place for babies […]

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The dangers of covering your baby’s pram

Here in Australia, we know the importance of keeping babies cool in the summer heat, but is a common thing that most of us do to help us keep the sun from babies actually putting them at risk? Researchers in Sweden suggest that by covering up a pram – even with a thin cloth like […]

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Unwrapping swaddling

The practice of swaddling or wrapping babies has been known for centuries over most of Europe, Asia and the Americas. Archaeologists have found sacred statuettes of babies in swaddling clothes in ancient Greek and Roman tombs. One of the most famous records of swaddling can be found in the New Testament concerning the birth of […]

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Attachment Theory at QEII: Circle of Security

You may have heard about ‘Attachment Theory’ or ‘Bonding’ in relation to young children and parenting. At QEII, we support parents to build a secure attachment for their baby by using the Circle of Security model of attachment theory. The model has seven key steps to healthy attachment that are easily understood and provide parents […]

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